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The norwegian women Association for Women’s Rights ( norwegian women : Norsk Kvinnesaksforening; NKF) is actually a norwegian women detached political campaigning for company and also Norway’s earliest as well as leading women’s and also females’ liberties company.

Honorary participants [revise]

It was actually started in 1884 on the project of Gina Krog and also Hagbart Berner through 171 famous women and also males, consisting of 5 norwegian women Prime Ministers. Its own fundamental concept is actually that complete and also identical satisfaction of civils rights results from all women as well as gals, as well as it functions to progress women’s social, financial and also political scenario in Norway and also globally. Historically connected with the Liberal Party, NKF is actually today generally depictive of the political sphere. The affiliation has actually regularly been actually Norway’s crucial mainstream feminist or even liberal feminist company and also has actually effectively advocated women’s right to education and learning, the right to elect, the right to operate, the fostering of the 1978 Gender Equality Act and also bureaucracy of what is actually right now the Gender Equality and also Anti-Discrimination Ombud. According to its own origins in 19th century first-wave liberal feminist movement, political and also lawful reform stays its own key emphasis, as well as it has actually constantly focused on pushing authorities body systems in a specialist means; due to the fact that the 1970s the application of the CEDAW event has actually been actually a significant problem. In 1896 the affiliation likewise established the norwegian women Women’s Public Health Association, an altruistic organization whose registration got to 250,000.

History [revise]

The present President is actually Karin M. Bruzelius, a past Supreme Court Justice on the Supreme Court of Norway. NKF belongs to the International Alliance of Women (IAW), which possesses basic advisory condition to the United Nations Economic and also Social Council as well as participatory standing along with the Council of Europe. NKF is actually additionally a participant of the norwegian women Women’s Lobby and also of the Forum for Women as well as Development, and also launched bureaucracy of both organizations. Many of NKF’s very early forerunners, one of all of them the kept in mind altruistic Fredrikke Marie Qvam, were actually wed to norwegian women head of states. Its own postwar forerunners feature Liberal Party forerunner as well as kitchen cabinet official Eva Kolstad as well as the previous leader of UNICEF, Torild Skard. Its own titular participants consist of Camilla Collett as well as Norway’s 1st women Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. NKF’s workplaces lie at Majorstuen in Oslo. NKF has actually consistently levelled to each women as well as males.

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The organization was actually established in 1884 through 171 noticeable norwegian girls s, led due to the liberal political leader and also women’s liberties leader Gina Krog and also liberal Member of Parliament and also the initial managing editor of Dagbladet Hagbart Berner. Coming from its own building and also effectively in to the 20th century, the company was actually highly connected with the Liberal Party; its own 171 creators consisted of numerous norwegian women Prime Ministers, forerunners of the Liberal Party as well as numerous liberal Members of Parliament and also the publishers of the sizable liberal papers and also somebodies including writer Alexander Kielland. 3 of the very first Presidents of the company, Anna Stang, Randi Blehr and also Fredrikke Marie Qvam, were actually all other halves of norwegian women Prime Ministers. Subscription has actually consistently levelled to each males and females.

NKF’s honors [modify]

Among the crucial reasons that the NKF has actually advocated are actually women’s assent (attained in 1913), the right to operate (in the 1930s), abolishment of the usual straining for husband or wives (the 1950s), right to equivalent education (the 1960s), bureaucracy of the Council for Equality in between the Sexes( Norwegian: Likestillingsrådet) 1972, later on switched out due to the Centre for Equality in between the Sexes (1977 ), later on due to the Equality as well as Anti-Discrimination Ombud (2006 ). Participants of the company, including its own veteran leader Eva Kolstad, that performed on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, additionally spearheaded United Nations sex impartiality plans.


The affiliation likewise triggered bureaucracy of the Norwegian Women’s Public Health Association (Norwegian: Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening), an altruistic company, which increased to end up being Norway’s biggest women’s company along with around 250,000 participants at some factor. Historically, the NKF was actually the absolute most vital affiliation of the Norwegian bourgeois (or even liberal) women’s motion (affiliated primarily along with the Liberal Party), compare to the work women’s action (related to the Labour Party). Today, it is actually a detached organization, paying attention to women’s political, lawful as well as constitutionals rights in addition to level playing fields, and also on the execution of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women particularly.

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The NKF has actually co-operated along with the National Association for Women’s Suffrage as well as eventually along with the Norwegian National Women’s Council. A few of the famous post-war forerunners were actually Eva Kolstad, that eventually ended up being a kitchen cabinet priest, innovator of the Liberal Party as well as the globe’s very first Gender Equality Ombud, previous UNICEF Chairman Torild Skard, as well as high court judicature Karin M. Bruzelius that came to be President for the 2nd attend 2018.[[ 1 ]


The Norwegian Association for Women’s Rights has actually been actually connected along with the International Alliance of Women (IAW) given that 1904 and also belongs to the Norwegian Women’s Lobby and also the Forum for Women and also Development. It deals with the United Nations Economic and also Social Council with its own IAW subscription.

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The company possessed its own workplaces in Sehesteds entrance 1 in Oslo for years, and also right now possesses its own workplaces in Majorstuveien 39 at Majorstuen in core Oslo.


Elisabeth Lønnå defines NKF through 1970 as “a just about sensible organization” that possessed its own “sources in the Liberal Party and also possessed a liberal system, fixated the essence of equal rights for all people as well as based upon the tip of basic civils rights.” Lønnå takes note that NKF possessed lengthy practices, a precisely specified kind of company, a recognized system as well as effectively made plans as well as concepts, and also it invested a lot of its own sources on pushing authorities physical bodies in a qualified technique. While NKF was actually affected due to the 2nd surge of feminist movement in the course of the 1970s, it was actually the “simply feminist organization that was actually mainly based upon the tip of sex impartiality.” In comparison to the numerous brand-new feminist companies that emerged in the 1970s yet promptly dropped the majority of their subscription, NKF was actually boosted in the 1980s.[[ 2] ]


NKF’s best honour is its own titular registration, which was actually very first rewarded to Camilla Collett in 1884 as well as final rewarded to Norway’s initial women Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland in 2016. Due to the fact that 2009 NKF additionally rewards the Gina Krog Prize, called after its own creator.


Since 2009, the affiliation has actually rewarded the Gina Krog Prize, called after its own creator Gina Krog.

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