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The up and down action of a stock may seem chaotic to new traders. However, establishing the high, low and support levels gives traders a sense of how the stock will perform going forward. It’s a good indicator of when to enter or exit a position before the stock ticks up or down again. More aggressive traders could take counter-trend trades dictated by their experience and size of trading Trading Courses accounts. In the above example, a short from the B pivot at a Fib confluence level would be considered counter-trend and therefore higher risk. Many traders have tried to use them, but like many technical indicators that work well in theory, Fibonacci levels pose a challenge when you’re actually trying to make money with them. Learn the essentials in our free online trading courses.

  • A bullish ABCD pattern predicts a bullish trend reversal while a bearish ABCD predicts a bearish trend reversal.
  • That you can learn and implement instantly without having to pay me a single dime.
  • That can give you an edge in the forex markets (if you haven’t already got any).
  • So today, I’d like to introduce to you a harmonic chart pattern.
  • I decided to pursue the education path in the forex space with a mission to enable the success of forex traders of all levels.
  • You’ve been confused about the role or the purpose of any forex strategy, be it the candlesticks patterns, indicators, chart patterns, whatever.
  • Bearish ABCD harmonic pattern in forex has the same specifications as the bullish harmonic pattern.

In this particular case if you had decided to stay in the trade for further profit, your decision would have been rewarded. On the way up, the price creates only higher bottoms, and doesn’t test any critical support areas, which bolsters our long position. Therefore, the best course of action is to hold the trade further until the price breaks one of its support levels. This happens on July 4, 2014 when the GBP/USD decreases through the level of its last bottom, which we have marked with yellow on the chart. This would have provided an exit signal on this trade. After you confirm the pattern, you should enter the market at the moment when the price action during the CD move bounces from the 127.2% extension of the BC move. You should initiate a trade in the direction of the bounce which is counter to the CD leg.

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As you see, the bullish and the bearish abcd patterns are a mirror image of each other. Therefore, the same trading rules are applied to each of them, but in the opposite direction. It’s also important to observe volume when looking for ABCD patterns. Volume tends to be high as the pattern is forming and consolidated as the trend culminates. If there’s low volume during this time, it’s a red flag. The pattern might not be the result of regular trading action; rather, external factors that could make it more volatile than desirable. Identifying an ABCD pattern is also the first step in identifying other patterns, such as a flag pattern or rising/falling wedges.

The bullish types of correlations is a mirror image of the bearish ABCD, thus all the rules and tactics apply equally to both patterns. For the purpose of explaining the rules and tactics to trade the patterns, we will use the bearish ABCD. You can apply the same rules to the bullish counterpart in the reverse direction. ​​The golden Fibonacci ratio as the elemental constituent and the other accompanying Fibonacci ratios are the cornerstones of the harmonic trading method and the harmonic chart patterns. Don’t force it if you want to go to the harmonic route.

Harmonic Patterns: Ab=cd

Additionally, using an oscillator helps in identifying the turning points once pivot swing point D is formed. The ABCD also forms the basis of many other chart patterns such as the three-drives patterns and also within the price channels. We’ve been using the ABCD chart pattern at Investors Underground for a long time to nail long trades with minimal risk and maximum reward. This chart pattern allows you to enter a trade with a set risk and, most importantly, a solid plan.

abcd pattern

So then, let’s discuss how you can trade the Harmonic ABCD pattern. Since it is a unique chart formation, it has its own set of rules for trading. If you learn how to implement this set of rules, you can expect to trade the ABCD chart pattern with a positive edge.

The Abcd Pattern

Double-check the retracements and make sure the levels are mirrored (i.e. 0.618 vs 1.618 and 0.786 vs 1.272). Detecting all relevant waves and their corrections as well as noting the retracements of the corrections’ levels. It is also a good idea to color the areas of waves and corrections.

abcd pattern

Ross Cameron’s experience with trading is not typical, nor is the experience of students featured in testimonials. Becoming an experienced trader takes hard work, dedication and a significant amount of time. It reflects the strength of a stock and also provides an indication of the quality of a price trend and the liquidity of the stock. While there are many various ways to implement stock entry and exit strategies, there are a number of things that traders ought to consider when using the ABCD pattern. Take the reciprocal of the ABC retrace and multiply it by the length of leg CB. The measure rule target provided by the calculation, if the pattern works, will be point D.

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Trading stocks, options, futures and forex involves speculation, and the risk of loss can be substantial. Clients must consider all relevant risk factors, including their own personal financial situation, before trading. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, as well as its own unique risk factors. It is because the Fibonacci levels are often looked at as areas of interest. When there is a large enough size of forex players act on those levels, the pattern then becomes self-fulfilled. Meet the abcd pattern ——one of the most consistent and powerful patterns in forex trading. Since then, I’ve realised that the importance of education, which is the key to trading success, is severely underestimated by the majority of the beginning forex traders.

abcd pattern

So, have a look for those kinds of things in the markets. Basically, look for prices making new highs or new lows. That’s the kind of best example of this like you can see here, like A-B leg, abcd pattern C-D leg, great, but what’s interesting here is this leg here because you can see it’s making new lows. So A to B, B to C and then C to D should be exactly the same length as the A to B leg.


Please read theForex Risk Disclosureprior to trading forex products. The Fibonacci calculation is integrated into the ABCD pattern on your forex trading platform.

In a bearish trend it’s the opposite, and the trend makes lower lows than otherwise predicted. Both types can forecast a bullish or bearish breakout. To be successful in trading the ABCD you need to predict when the pattern will complete and recognize how it fits into the bigger picture of the chart. This pattern is similar to an ABCD pattern with en extra leg. A bearish bat pattern starts with a strong XA leg lower followed by two wave correction higher which terminates at the 0.886 Fibonacci retracement of the XA leg. The point B retracement is to the 0.50 or 0.382 and less than a 0.618. The CD leg is extended and usually 1.27 of the AB leg.

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It’s advised that you examine the following section outlining the set of rules with a high attention to details. It is a good idea for the novice Harmonic trader to start with the ABCD setup before moving to the more advanced Harmonic chart patterns like the Crab, Bat, or Butterfly to name a few. Day traders are always analyzing stock movement and scouring the internet for financial reports and news releases. Therefore, sign up for the Trade of the Day e-letter below. This daily newsletter provides stock picks, trends and insights for some of Wall Street’s top experts. ABCD pattern trading is the simplest of all market patterns to recognize, and the basis for other patterns. The reason is because it’s rooted in the Fibonacci ratio—a process that involves dividing one number by another in sequence as part of a pattern.

A short term reversal followed subsequently, courtesy ABCD chart pattern. Since the figure above represents a bullish ABCD pattern, we would look to buy the USD/JPY Forex pair after the price bounces from the 127.2% extension of BC. Notice that the minimum target of this ABCD pattern is only half of the total price move from this example. This shows why it is so important to try to ride a winning trade for as long as the market allows. After a few tests of the 127.2% Fibonacci extension, GBP/USD price starts increasing.

Bullish Butterfly Pattern


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